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Queensland Smart Savings Concessions & Rebates

Qld Gov Smart Savings Concessions

Concessions and rebates

Find and apply for concessions and rebates that can help ease cost of living pressures for Queenslanders. You can search, or explore what’s available below.

Translink Transport Concessions (South East Queensland)

Concessional fares of 50% off for eligible pensioners, veterans, seniors, people with a disability, children, students and others help make public transport more affordable.

Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme

Offering a 20% subsidy, up to a maximum of $200 per year, to lessen the impact of local government rates and charges on pensioners, thereby assisting them to continue to live in their own homes.

Electricity Rebate Scheme

Helps eligible Queenslanders pay their electricity bill with a rebate of up to $341 per year.

Rail Concession Scheme

Improving the affordability of long distance and urban rail services for eligible pensioners, veterans, seniors and current/past rail employees with 25 years of service.

Taxi Subsidy Scheme

Providing a 50% concession fare up to a maximum subsidy of $25 per trip for eligible Queenslanders with severe disabilities.

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme

Providing financial assistance to patients who need to access specialist medical services not available within their local area. It provides a subsidy towards the cost of travel and accommodation for patients and, in some cases, an approved escort.

South East Queensland Pensioner Water Subsidy Scheme

Providing a subsidy of up to $120 per year to eligible pensioner property owners in the South East Queensland Water Grid to lessen the impact of water prices.

Electricity Life Support Concessions Scheme

Helping seriously ill people who use home-based life support systems by providing a rebate of up to $694 per annum for users of oxygen concentrators and a rebate of up to $465 per annum for users of kidney dialysis machines to meet their electricity costs.

Arts Concessional Entry Fees

Entry fees and ticket prices for the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum and many Queensland Performing Arts Trust performances include concessional prices available for children, students, seniors and pensioners.

Home Assist Secure

Helping eligible people over 60, or who have disability, with assistance to remain living in their home, either owned or rented. Free safety related information and referrals are available, and subsidised assistance to pay for critical maintenance services of up to $400 per household per year.

Oral Health Scheme

Providing free dental care to eligible Queenslanders and their dependants. The average value of care is approximately $600 for general care, $1800 for treatment involving dentures, and $265 for emergency dental care. In rural and remote areas where no private dental practitioner exists, access to public dental care for the general public is provided at a concessional rate, generally 15% to 20% less than average private dental fees.

Emergency Management Levy Concession

A discount of 20% on the Emergency Management Levy is available for eligible pensioners for their principal place of residence. In addition, community organisation owners of specified properties are exempt from payment of the levy.

South East Queensland Public Transport Concessions for Interstate Seniors

Allowing visitors from interstate, who hold a state or territory Seniors Card, to access public transport concessions within Queensland. For more information contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or Translink on 13 12 30.

Reticulated Gas Rebate Scheme

Providing up to $71 per year to assist with the cost of reticulated natural gas supplied to the home of eligible pensioners, seniors and veterans.

Vehicle and boat registrations concessions

Saving money on registration costs for pensioners, seniors and people with a disability.

Annual Discount on Fishing Permits for Concession Card Holders

This concessions offers an annual discount on fishing permits for concession card holders.