Latest Club News 4th February 2021

Garden Lovers

This week was all about getting out into nature and gardening, as our Garden Lovers group expanded to 2 other green thumbs helping our charismatic Carol. The garden is looking lush and abundant and ready to pick. We have capsicums, chillies, basil, thyme, parsley, tomatoes, oregano, sage, chives, climbing spinach and more for you to help yourselves to as we don’t want them to go to seed (and to waste)! Go on, you know you’ve wanted to make your favourite recipe with fresh garden herbs and other goodies grown with love for that extra special ingredient so pick away to your heart’s content.

Ballet a huge success

Ballet with Dianne Tuesday was so well received this week that we have the whole of southern Gold Coast buzzing about it! What a wonderful way to warm up and stretch as we get into the classic poses – and so good for wellbeing!

Creative Writing

“Writing is the painting of the Voice” Voltaire

What a lovely vibe when we accidently walked into the new writers’ group with Claire on Thursday; pensive minds thinking, creative juices flowing, a cackle of laughter to inspire our visual minds to create a story…
Plenty of room in this class to nurture your creativity through the art of writing…so fabulous!

Welcome New Volunteers!

While we are still on the search for some more vibrant people who can commit to volunteer with us, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Clive who is helping us Monday, Tuesday & Thursday with any odd jobs that need doing. We feel blessed that this man walked into the centre when he did! Please give him a warm welcoming smile when you see him around.

Club Bus ready to pick-up members

It makes our hearts sing that we have had the inaugural bus run this week when special man Henry volunteered to pick up one of our wonderful loyal members to get him to the centre for his activity - Indoor Bowls! We are starting with 2 bus pick-ups and returns:

Mondays & Wednesdays Pickup 8:30 am Return 12:00 pm.

Just a couple of changes coming up to our timetable:

New Vogue Sequence Dancing will continue Tuesdays for both beginner dancers and those more proficient wishing to practice as we have some experienced dancers generously helping with tutoring and it’s going well. Our Friday New Vogue Dancing nights however, will be suspended until further notice from next Friday 12th February.

We really look forward to seeing you soon, in the meantime, get out into nature & take time to smell the roses!

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