Latest Club News 27th November 2020

What a bustling centre we are becoming! It was so wonderful to see all the Christmas decorations out and our colourful 100th birthday celebrations so wonderfully organised for the two very handsome, well-lived, world-travelled charmers Ted & Bill (Billy Blue Shoes).

Hope you got a dance with them as they are still sweeping the ladies off their feet!! And to some wonderful live music too thanks to Glen Shepherd. Channel 9 were there to capture the magic moment and we will continue to celebrate them as they return to the centre for activities, as these lively lads both now hold Honorary Life Memberships.


Our weekly activity program is filling up. Lots of activities to activate and energise your body and mind while also meeting others and sharing.

Mondays: 8-Ball 8am-12pm; Bingo 9am-12pm

Tuesdays: 8-Ball 8am-12pm; Tap Dancing Fundamentals 9-10am; Healing Tai Chi 10.30-11.30am; New Vogue Sequence Dance with Carol 6-9pm

Wednesdays: 8-Ball 8am-12pm; Table Tennis 8.30-11.30am; Indoor Bowls 9-11.30; Garden Lovers 8-9.30am; Be Connected Computer/ Smart phone help 8.30-11am

Thursdays: 8-Ball 8am-12pm; New Vogue on with Brian 9.30-11.30am; Line Dancing 12-2.15pm

Fridays: 8-Ball 8am-12pm; Table Tennis 8.30-11.30am; Yoga 10-11.15am; New Vogue with Carol 6-9pm; Be Connected Computer/ Smart phone help 8.30-11.30am

Saturdays: New Vogue with Colin & Elizabeth 6.30-10pm

Sundays: Table Tennis 8.30-11.30am; Indoor Bowls 8.30-11.30


Our annual AGM is on THURSDAY 3RD DECEMBER 11-12pm (New Vogue Dance will not be on that day we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience). For the first time in our history we will be having an Indigenous Smoking Ceremony before the AGM, in order to invoke new positive & unifying energy while cleansing any old energies we need to get rid of before entering the building. This is an important ceremony not only for our First Nations people but also for our centre, and we would love you to respectfully partake. We will need to adhere to the maximum numbers capacity under our COVID-Plan (currently 80 in the Hall), so if you are wanting to attend in person, we will need you to please register at reception ASAP.


Another opportunity to feature and thank our amazing team of volunteers, this time Joan, who is so helpful on our busy Thursdays and always with a smile.
If you know anyone who would like to volunteer some time to work in reception or meet and greet, please get them to contact one of us as we would love to meet them!!

Queensland COVID-19 restrictions easing

Borders to Queensland are reopening from 1st December and there is an easing of our social distancing & venue capacity. Our main hall can now hold 80 people at the 2m2 distancing rule, so we are pleased to be able to accommodate more of you in the centre & on the dance floor ?


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We are loving your feedback so please keep them coming in either chat in person, or if you prefer to use the "Tell Us What You Think" form and drop it in the box in reception.

We look forward to sharing more with you ?

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