Latest Club News 13th November 2020

Are you feeling it yet? Our centre’s positive vibe has been quadrupled in this last week!

Read on to find out more…


Great response to our new Activities Program…

Tuesdays Tap Dancing Fundamentals with Margaret and Healing Tai Chi with Ray were so well received that Ray will start a Saturday session for more proficient Tai Chi-ers soon! And New Vogue Sequence Dance with Carol was at full capacity as was expected and people had a fantastic time!

New Vogue on Thursdays with Brian was also well attended, it was so lovely to watch and Line Dancing with Anne nearly doubled this week! So very exciting!

New Vogue Dancing Thursdays

Line Dancing Thursday 12th November 2020

Look out for our 1st weekend of dancing back on the menu with Carol Fridays 6-9pm and Saturdays 6:30-10:00 pm with Colin & Elizabeth. I’m sure it will add to the buzz of this amazing centre!!

Yoga Fridays with Alice also had a few more blissed out, stretched out attendees and our 8-Ball, Table Tennis & Indoor Bowls continue to keep people active mentally and physically.

And Garden Lovers – we have our first radish and what a good looking one at that.

And please spread the word that Bingo starts back on Mondays from 16th November. ?

First radish from the garden


Our official AGM is scheduled for THURSDAY 3rd DECEMBER 11:00-12:00 pm (our sincere apologies that dancing needs to be cut by half an hour that day). The current committee will stand down for a new committee to be re-elected. Nomination forms are available in reception as well as notice for motions. Since we must adhere more strictly to the maximum numbers capacity under our COVID-Plan (60 in the Hall), we will need you to please register in advance if you are wishing to attend in person.

Celebrating Centenarians

We wish to celebrate a milestone birthday for two gorgeous men turning 100 very soon so we will be having a special morning tea in their honour on Thursday 26th November 10am during the New Vogue Dancers’ morning tea.

Be Connected

Our free computer lessons available Wednesdays 8:30-11:00 am and Fridays 8:30-11:30 am – are getting regular bookings. The new Qld Border Pass has changed rules, so it’s slightly more complicated to obtain due to needing to now upload ID documents and the pass is sent in a few days rather than immediate. If you need help with this service, please try and book in some time with Lynne our IT guru and printing is at 50c per print.


We are encouraging you to please “Subscribe to our Newsletter” via our website to get the Latest News if you are not currently doing so.

We would also appreciate if you can please continue to follow the COVID-safe Plan for our centre to continue to operate as safely as possible.

And we truly value your feedback so please come and chat with us, or if you prefer, write on the ‘Tell Us What You Think” form and drop it in the box in reception.

We are loving the vibe and hearing your positive comments about re-invigorating the club and we can’t wait to share more with you ?

Warmest regards
Christina & Lu