Latest Club News 12th March 2021

Our centre’s creativity is flowing abundantly

The centre has plans for more activities that stimulate the Right brain hemisphere like the Creative Writing group Thursdays. In the meantime, we are looking for any members who are artists and who may wish to exhibit your art around the centre to generate more colour and inspire more happiness.

So, we thought we would start sharing some of these creative minds as promised from our last Latest News blog, and commence with prose from an incredibly unique personality…Mr Will B. Wright.


Mary-ann, (so they say),
keeps a diary each day,
of her joys and her hopes and her fears,
of the good times and bad,
the adventures she’s had,
and the challenges over the years.

She’s a writer it seems,
But that quite often means,
It can be a bit hard to get started,
It’s too easy to stall
and do nothing at all,
Because failing can make you downhearted.

But at Rec Club each week
she could listen, or speak
with the others, who gather to natter
about poems and prose,
and write memoirs, who knows,
she might learn some good points from the chatter.

Will B. Wright

About the Author
Will B. Wright has been a closet writer for many years. Much of his writing has focussed on various aspects of dancing, which has been a lifelong passion. He recently joined the Creative Writing group at Coolangatta Senior Citizens and he hopes that this little rhyme will encourage others to join the group. This is Will’s first published piece.

Today’s helpful hint: Do knot trust yore spell chequer two find awl yore missed steaks.
Get a human two proof reed yore writing.

(From Creative Writing with Claire on Thursdays, 1-3pm, at Coolangatta Senior Citizens)

Checking-in the wonderful Mr Will B. Wright.

New activities

Tuesday’s new Rock n Roll social night was amazing and the dancers were literally danced off their feet with fantastic LIVE MUSIC by Michael Asma of Mustangs fame! We can’t wait for the next one so please spread the word and bring your friends and family members too!

Stay tuned for Friday nights’ monthly Cuban sessions!

Seated Tai Chi for those unsteady on their feet or have difficulty standing too long as well as those with mobility restrictions or in a wheelchair is waiting on a few more names to start Tuesday or Thursday mornings 8.15am. Please register your interest and recommend it to any friends or family members you know may benefit.

This was a short but sweet news update just to keep you informed.

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