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Breath-in bring love to your body Yoga

Breath-in bring love to your body Yoga

Breath In Bring Love To Your Body Yoga

All ages and no experience necessary.

Saturday Yoga: 8.00 am

Yoga is so much more than asanas (postures). Yes it builds flexibility and strength and balance but it is also about integration of mind, body, breath; it is about bringing peace to our minds and calming our nervous systems; it is about improving circulation and energy; about mindfulness and connection, and getting to know your true self. Yoga is a science for personal growth and transformation. Yoga is a philosophy. Yoga is a way of life. And yoga is especially about healing, joy and gratitude.

SourceYogamo Facebook Page

Coolangatta Senior Citizens Centre
2 Gerrard ST, COOLANGATTA QLD 4225

Phone: (07) 5536 4050